Frequently asked questions

What's the first step of the process?
You will fill out your contact form with all your information and we will set up a time to talk about your custom Ketubah! 

What is a custom Ketubah, and why is it different than a print?
A custom Ketubah begins with a blank sheet of watercolor paper and is made especially for you. A print is a reproduction of art that has already been created, and is not hand-painted - it is a high-quality copy. 

Can I choose if I want hand lettering or type set?
Yes, printed type set and hand lettering are both available, and prices will vary depending on your choice.

How much does a custom Ketubah cost?
A custom Ketubah costs between $800-1500 depending on the intricacy of the design, the length of the text, and whether or not you are interested in hand lettering or type set. Once we discuss what you'd like I can give you a specific quote.

How long should we allow for a custom Ketubah?
You should allow at least 4-6 weeks for your custom Ketubah.

Can I get a Ketubah in less than 4 weeks? 
For Ketubahs requested less than 2 weeks before the wedding ceremony, there is a $100 rush fee.  In addition, there is an extra charge for overnight shipping, if required. 

How do we make certain our Ketubah text is correct?
Before anything is printed, I will send you the text in full and you should have your officiant carefully check the Ketubah text. Once the Ketubah text is approved by your officiant,  no further changes are permitted. 

What kind of pen should we use for signing?
You can use any archival pen or ballpoint pen. I highly recommend using a Micron pen. Keep in mind that any felt-tipped pen will fade over time.

How do I get my Ketubah to lie flat after I remove it from the shipping tube?
You can flatten your Ketubah by rolling it the opposite way it was shipped, or by placing two heavy books at the end and letting it sit for a few days.

Can I choose something you already have made?
Yes! I am happy to create whatever Ketubah you like, including past inspirations. Please note, no two pieces are exactly alike and there may be slight variations.

Can you make something for me that isn't a Ketubah?
Yes! I am open to all commissions and specialize in nature and portraiture.